(TiE Women) – 4 strategies for Winning During Challenging Times


June 3


10:00 am - 10:30 am

RSVP HERE: https://hub.tie.org/e/tie-women-connect–ep-1–fireside-chat-with-patti-white

TiE Women (Global Initiative) is starting a “TiE Women -Connect” Mini-Series with a focus on strategies for women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to help get ready for opportunities in the new normal.

In monthly fireside chats, they will be covering topics like seizing opportunities, strategies for winning in challenging times, fundraising, marketing, organizational priorities, finances, current technology, leadership in times of crisis, building resilience and sustainability plans. Participants will walk away with tangible tips on how to grow and adapt to changing circumstances.

These sessions are 30 minutes long. 20 minutes of targeted discussion and 10 mins for Q&A.

Mini-Series co-leads Smita Bagla, entrepreneur and past President TiE SoCal and Kanchana Raman, entrepreneur, and past President, TiE Atlanta will take you through these virtual sessions carefully curated to help you navigate the complex world of the current operating environment.

In this first episode of TiE-Women Connect Mini-Series, Patti White, CEO, Hemex Health will share her strategies and lessons learned from her perspective as a CEO, Company Founder, Board Member, and entrepreneur. Patti White’s career has focused on finding and building solutions that make a difference in people’s lives. As CEO, Patti raised over $70 Million in grant, angel, venture, and corporate funding.

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