TiE Denver B4B – Making It Through a Crises (Operational and Growth Strategies)


May 8


07:30 am - 09:30 am


Join TiE Denver Charter Member and Founder/CEO of Khazana, Inc., Suraya Yahaya, as she shares her experience and strategies on crisis management.

What you will learn:

Strategies to streamline operations, cash flow management and processes to weather times of crises. Factors to consider to extend the life of the business to make it through and to get ready to grow again.


  • Operating in the most people and cash efficient manner to weather the storm
  • Getting back to work – readiness and preparedness for growing and scaling
  • Scaling and growing again


Suraya Yahaya is Founder and CEO of Khazana, Inc., an operations strategy and execution firm. In this role, Suraya consults with small and medium sized companies to help them assess their current operational model, create a gap analysis of key stress points, and execute a plan to grow and scale efficiently. Suraya is also an EOS Integrator – helping entrepreneurial companies integrate EOS into their operations.

Suraya has a diverse background in legal, operational scale, process and organizational alignment and people leadership, that she uses to analyze, design and implement a plan of action for her clients. Suraya’s clients therefore range across a multitude of industries: from the highly regulated such as cannabis, tech and telecom to food services, agriculture and professional services.

Suraya’s passion is helping her clients succeed using creative, repeatable and clear processes. She excels in helping her clients think through risks, plan for them and execute so that they can not only survive, but thrive in tough times.

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