Spotlight Companies

TiE Denver features and elevates one promising company each month in order to provide focused support. During their spotlight, TiE’s General and Charter Members will generate introductions to investors and mentors, especially from within our Colorado and TiE Global Networks.

Here are our 2020 Colorado Spotlight Companies:

May: PitchN

Founded by TiE Members
Aswin Ramakrishnan and Brian Ritter, they have taken an initiative to pivot their business to serve those in need during these trying times. PitchN (pitch in) is a free mobile app that centralizes and streamlines a community platform to Give and Receive HELP. 
Helpers volunteer to run errands on behalf of the elderly, immunocompromised, front line workers, etc. The app also provides a Pantry feature which is a community marketplace to share critical items like baby formula, and supplies with others locally.
Learn more at

April: Visible Network Labs

Danielle Varda leverages her background as a data scientist to advance efforts to understand networks and the way that you work,, including networks related to the spread of COVID-19. The company has been bootstrapped for several years and now contemplates a growth raise. Learn more at

March: Ad Fontes Media

Founded by Vanessa Otero, Ad Fontes Media, Inc. is a company founded in 2018 and the originator of the Media Bias Chart®. The mission of Ad Fontes Media is “to make news consumers smarter and news media better.” Originally successfully funded by a crowdfunding campaign which ran in late 2018, the company generates revenue by sales of licenses, prints, data products, and educational products.

February: The Last Gameboard

Founded by Shail Mehta, The Last Gameboard is the world’s first tabletop gaming platform that blends physical, digital, private screen and augmented reality to bring your social gameplay into the 21st century. Featured at CES 2020. Contact Shail Mehta for more information about their present raise..

January: Proov

Founded by Amy Beckley after her fight with infertility, Proov empowers women to track your progesterone levels in the comfort of their own home, with Proov. Winner of the 2019 SXSW Startup of the Year. Contact Amy Beckley for more information about their present efforts to raise.

Interested in elevating a spotlight company throughout the TiE network? Submit a nomination (available for companies founded or managed by TiE Denver General Members only) to TiE Executive Director Jess Monda

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