Committed to Serving You During COVID-19

TiE Denver has committed to serve as your top resource for mentoring, advice, and networking to help you lead through this crisis.  As we are all aware of the seriousness of Coronavirus, we wanted to address this issue.  This flu-type virus is highly contagious and can be deadly for people with health conditions.   COVID -19/coronavirus is here and spreading quickly. It’s estimated to affect 40-70% of the population within this year.  This is a very important issue as no one is “not” going to be exposed.

According to the CDC, the spread from person-to-person is most likely among close contacts (about 6 feet). Person-to-person spread is thought to occur mainly via respiratory droplets that are spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes, the same manner the flu is spread.

Individuals need to understand if they get Coronavirus, they may be off work for 2-4 weeks recovering.  This means we should all be vigilant and adopt a better hand-washing and personal space disinfecting regiment don’t forget those desks, keyboards, and mice. 

We all need to do our part in helping prevent infection and spread, therefore, we have been scheduling and will continue to provide virtual events to give you relevant resources to help you plan and execute your strategies successfully.  TiE is Colorado’s leading entrepreneurship ecosystem, providing connections, capabilities, and capital for Colorado’s business leaders of all stages.

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