TiE Denver Partners with Keiretsu Forum to Bolster Seed Investment Efforts in Colorado

TiE Denver, Colorado’s leading entrepreneur ecosystem, has partnered with the Keiretsu Forum to build connections between high potential entrepreneurs and startups with one of America’s leading groups of angel investors. Through the partnership, regular TiE-Keiretsu deal evaluation and pitch sessions will take place at TiE Denver’s home at CTRL Collective in the Dairy Block, downtown Denver.

Keiretsu Forum is the world’s largest angel investor network with over 2,500 accredited investor members throughout over 50 chapters on three continents. Keiretsu Forum Members collaborate in the due diligence of presenting companies, but make individual investment decisions with $750m invested in over 1,000 companies to date ($300M in Northwest) in technology, consumer products, life sciences, real estate, and other high growth segments.

TiE Denver and its Charter Membership likewise have actively invested in many of Colorado’s leading companies in recent years. One of the key attributes of TiE’s investing efforts is a mentorship-based focus, allowing potential investors to become more comfortable with potential investment opportunities by playing a more active role in promising companies at the earliest stages.

Through the partnership, investors from within TiE Denver’s extensive Charter Member network will join forces with Keiretsu’s angel group to evaluate the leading deal opportunities originating from Colorado. Additional co-membership opportunities among TiE Denver charter members and Keiretsu charter members will form a basis for the collaboration.

For more information about this partnership, or to learn how to join TiE Denver as either an investor or founder, please contact TiE Denver Executive Director Jess Monda.